Kayla Dockins


Kayla’s roots go back to California where she was born and raised and where she first established herself as a stylist 12 years ago and a makeup artist 15.  As she is new to Tennessee, she is eager to build friendships and share her craft. Photos of her work can be found on her professional Instagram page.


Her enthusiasm for the beauty industry began while she was a teenager when she told her first employer she would work for free just to get her foot in the door.  Since then she has taken countless hands-on advanced cut and color classes taught by celebrity stylists and continues to hone her skills through frequent ongoing courses.  To her, being a lifelong learner and teacher in the ever evolving world of beauty means staying on top of the latest artistic techniques and applications and utilizing them with her clients to enhance their beauty.  


Kayla shared that for her, the most rewarding part of being a stylist is the relationships she builds with her clients.  She greatly values the process of building trust, laughing, and bonding with the phenomenal women who inspire her as they share in each other’s journeys.