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Meagan Bartow


A true northern gal, Meagan grew up in Michigan
and attended Taylor University where she picked up
her skills as a graphic designer and photographer
back in 2016. In 2021, She felt God was calling her
to Tennessee, so she packed her bags and chose
to further her education in Aesthetics, and
graduated from Aveda Institute last August.
Meagan is a go-getter , and if she feels passionate
about something, she goes all in! Her niches are
widespread : she also has talents in calligraphy,
jewelry, and fashion. Meagan has always loved to
bring out one's true beauty and confidence in any
way that she can, whether that be photographing
them, styling their outfits, etc! Her positivity and
high energy brings good vibes to any setting she's
in, and she’d like to thank Jesus for that! When
she's not working, Meagan loves to grab coffee with
friends, advance her skills in any way that she can,
and soak up the sunshine!

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